Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I hate it when people like this book

Atheists are often accused of being angry at the mere fact of other people's beliefs. We attempt to rebut these beliefs, point out logical flaws in them, because the idea that somebody places their faith in a book drives us into some kind of hulk-like rage. Many deny it. I would like to be clear, however, that in my case, it's true.

The Walking Drum, by Louis L'Amour, is a terrible book, and anybody who says otherwise is objectively wrong. I admit I didn't get very far, but that was not from lack of trying. It was like trudging through molasses that was teeming with hungry piranhas, where the molasses represents the pace, and the piranhas represent how much of an asshole Mathurin Kerbouchard came off as in the parts that I managed to read through. I certainly didn't share his puzzlement over why people wanted to kill him: he had all of the charm of a mildewy wifebeater, dropped in a puddle of mud. When I see all of those 5-star reviews on Amazon, my blood boils. Kind of makes me a bit uncomfortable, feeling that on the inside of my veins and whatnot, but there you are. Also, it was apparently historically innacurate. Meh.

People can like it. It's just that doing so is factually incorrect.

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