Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wait, hold on...

This is how Andrew Schlafly thinks science and research work? Well, that explains a lot... He figured that Richard Lenski finessed the E Coli data in some fashion to make citrate metabolism appear. So, he thought, if he had "The Data", he could finesse it in the opposite direction. Or something. Presumably, some of the colonies discolored the medium in the shape of bible verses. This idea that, with enough data, you can pick and choose what you like until you create your own reality... To me, it all seems a little—dare I say?—relativist.

Edit: to expand on this...

Real science starts with a hypothesis. Schlafly science starts with The Truth™.

Real scientists try to test the hypothesis. Schlafly scientists try to confirm The Truth™.

Real scientists draw a trendline through their data. Schlafly scientists fit their data onto a trendline.

Real scientists work out what the fuck they're going to do. Schlafly scientists think that methodology is a sign of close-mindedness.

Real scientists are on the lookout for something that could shake up the scientific landscape. Schlafly scientists try to create something that could, you know, slightly affect the political landscape.

Real scientists are peer reviewed. Schlafly scientists review their peers for signs of competing ideologies.

Real scientists give us results. Schlafly scientists give us bloviation.


Given the stuff that's supposed to be examples of 'love', maybe these are loving actions. That's all the apologetics I can muster.