Thursday, December 11, 2008

The logic! It burnnnnnsss...

So there I was, poking about the internet for information on genetic algorithms, and I found this.

For those who didn't click through, CreationWiki claims, among other things, that
Even when a fitness function is based on the real world, it is still just a mathematical model and it is therefore designed.
The point is that, because these evolution simulations are themselves designed, the claim that they show intelligent design to be unnecessary is false. It is absurd to look at a program that it took one or more intelligent programmers many hours to write and say that it proves that intelligent design of life is unnecessary.

So, to review: designing an environment to place things in is the same as designing the things themselves.

Unless anybody reads this and is all "MWchase, I dun' get it." I'm going to end this post on the note of that perfect little logic bomb.